I went to the Chihayafuru holy places in Awara, Fukui Prefecture.


Chihayafuru is a Japanese comic about competitive karuta. Since Wataya Arata, the heroin’s friend, was born in Awara, it’s a holy place for Chihayafuru. I wrote about Chihayafuru ,an exhibition of original illustrations from Chihayafuru and competitive karuta(I watched the competitive karuta tournament (The 51st National Women’s Competitive Karuta Tournament) in Awara, Fukui prefecture.) in previous posts, so please read them.

Awara is well known for its hot springs. The hot springs in Awara are among Japan’s top 100. They have a 135-year history. There are a lot of hot-spring hotels around Awarayunomachi Station, which you can get to by car or taxi in 15 minutes from JR Awaraonsen Station.

You can relax in the hot springs of Awara after going to the Chihayafuru holy places.

I looked through the Chihayafuru comics and found that Awara is featured in volumes two and four. Let’s take a look at volume two.

When Chihaya calls Arata, Arata says, “Don’t call me. I don’t do karuta anymore.” Chiahaya is worried about Arata and decides to meet him in Awara.

(Source: Chihayafuru, volume two, page 106)
Inside JR Awaraonsen Station

Chihaya arrives at Awaraonsen Station. In volume two, page 106 the inside of Awaraonsen Station is illustrated. I took pictures while looking at the comic.

(Source: Chihayafuru, volume two, page 110)
This is Arata Hill.
This is written as Arata Hill.

Next is a very noteworthy scene in which Chihaya and Arata meet again(volume two, page 110-115). Arata is riding a bicycle and passes Chihaya beside a row of cherry trees. This place was named Arata Hill this year after Arata Wataya in Chihayafuru. I went there this April, so I was able to see the cherry blossoms. (This is the cherry blossom forecast in English.)

(Source: Chihayafuru, volume two, page 148)
This is the outer buildings of Awaraonsen Station.

Next, in volume two, page 148, the outer buildings of Awaraonsen Station are illustrated.

(Source: Chihayafuru, volume two, page 150-151)

The next scene is also notable. In volume two, pages 150-153, on his bicycle Arata chases after a limited express train that Ayase takes. I also waited for a limited express train and took pictures.

This is Urayasu Bridge.

Arata chases Chihaya until Urayasu Bridge.

(Source: Chihayafuru, volume four, page 6)
This is Katsugi Bookstore.

He does a part-time job at a bookstore(Katsugi Bookstore) in front of Awaraonsen Station(volume four, page 6). Since the setting of the Chihayafuru movie are still intact, I saw the bookstore. (Katsuki Books: A bookstore that represents Fukui)

You can walk to the places I mention above in five minutes. Even if you go to all of the places, it will only take about 30 minutes.

※JR Awaraonsen station was renovated in 2022. As a result, some of the holy places of Chihayafuru have changed from how they used to be.

While in Awara, you can take in the setting for Chihayafuru.



「ちはやふる Vo.2」( 末次 由紀)(講談社)

「ちはやふる Vo.4」(末次 由紀)(講談社)

「ちはやふる公式コミックガイド」(監修:末次由紀、 BE・LOVE編集部)(講談社)

「ちはやふるオフィシャルファンブック」(監修:末次由紀、 BE・LOVE編集部)(講談社)

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