Weather in Fukui

This is a live camera near JR Fukui Station in Fukui City.

You can check the weather in Fukui Prefecture in English on the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency. This is the weather forecast for Fukui Prefecture. On this website, there is a “Select City” option. By choosing a city within Fukui Prefecture, you can access more detailed weather forecasts.

This is the cherry blossom forecast in English.

There are three characteristics of the weather in Fukui:

  1. There are four distinct seasons.
  2. It rains a lot.
  3. It’s really cold in winter.

There’s a distinct difference among the four seasons in Fukui, so you can enjoy each one. During spring, from March to May, you can see a lot of flowers, including cherry blossoms. The average temperature is about 11 degrees.

Summer in Fukui, from June to August, is the hottest season of the year. The average temperature is about 24 degrees.

During autumn in Fukui, from September to November, you can enjoy beautiful autumn colors. The average temperature is about 16 degrees.

Winter in Fukui, from December to February, is the coldest season of the year. The average temperature is about 3.5 degrees.

It’s pleasant in Fukui in spring and autumn. In winter, there’s a possibility that it’ll snow a lot, so be wary of coming to Fukui in winter.

There are also a lot of rainy days in Fukui; it rains about 170 days a year. There’s a saying in Fukui: Don’t forget to bring an umbrella, even if you forget to bring your lunch. There are a lot of rainy days, but it doesn’t often rain hard.

Winter in Fukui is very cold. It snows a lot in the northern parts, like Ono and Katsuyama.