Fukui Prefecture Tourist Map

When you click on the numbers on the map, you can see tourist information.

JR Fukui Station  Fukui Railway’s Fukui Station

Happiring(a shopping complex)  

Seibu Fukui(a department store) Yokokan Garden

Fukui Castle Ruins Fukui Shrine

The ginkgo tree in Fukui Shrine A statue of Okakura Tenshin

Yoroppaken Sohonten Tentatsu Honten Matsuokaken

Tsukumo Bridge The Fukui City Griffis Museum

A pair of statues of Griffis and Kusakabe Cherry Blossoms along the Asuwa River

A Japanese weeping cherry tree in Asuwa Shrine Happy Jungle(a small zoo)

Tachibana Akemi’s birthplace Omori Fusakichi’s birthplace

A statue of Hashimoto Sanai Hashimoto Sanai’s birthplace

Nishiyama Park Nishiyama Zoo Road Station Nishiyama Park

Chihiro Iwasaki’s birthplace Takefu Chuo Park Echizen Soba no Sato

Okamoto Shrine Echizen Washi Village Maruoka Castle

The Tojinbo Cliffs Awara Onsen(a hot-spring resort town)

Awaraonsen Station Eiheiji(a Buddhist temple)

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Tsuruga Port

The Red Brick Warehouse

Kehi Jingu Shrine Kehi no Matsubara(a pine tree park)

The Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum Lake Suigetsu

Summit park Fukui Varve Museum Meikyodo(a cave)

Shaku Soyen’s birthplace   

Author: Taru

Thank you for visiting my site. I was born in Fukui, and I now live in Fukui. I would like to know more about Fukui, and I also like to tell people around the world about Fukui. My hobby is reading books. I practice and learn English every day. This blog's articles are checked by native English speakers.

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  1. Dear Taru,

    I moved to Fukui 3 months ago and am learning more about this prefecture.
    Your website has been useful for me to learn more about Fukui.
    Currently, I am working at the tourism bureau in Takahama-cho.

    Please send an email when you have time!



    1. Dear Bryan

      Thank you for your comment!
      I’m glad to know that this blog is helpful for you.

      Thank you for moving to Fukui and working at the tourism bureau.

      I believe that Fukui Prefecture has many charms that the world has yet to discover.

      Thank you very much,

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