I went to Summit park to see Mikata Goko (Mikata Five Lakes)with my brother.

This is Mikata Goko.(source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
This is Mikata Goko. (source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
This is Mikata Goko. (source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
This is Mikata Goko. (source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
This is Mikata Goko. (source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
This is Mikata Goko. (source: Fukui Photo Gallery)
Lake Suigetsu
↑↑Lake Suigetsu

(source: Fukui Photo Gallery)


Today I went to Mikata Goko with my brother. It was cloudy.

Mikata Goko is an area consisting of five lakes. Among the five lakes, Lake Suigetsu is the most internationally renowned. I’ll write the reasons why in my next post(The Miracle Lake in Fukui Prefecture,Japan).

Mikata Goko is located in Wakasa-cho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. I read that you can see Mikata Goko clearly from Summit Park(山頂公園 Sanchou Koen in Japanese), which is at the peak of a mountain. You have to go to a parking lot on the Rainbow Line (Mikata Goko Toll Road) by car or taxi, and you can go to Summit Park by lift or cable car from there.

We took a lift, but my brother and I were a little scared. However, the distance between the lift and the ground wasn’t so far, so I was relieved.

There were a lot of people at Summit Park, and I saw three people from overseas. The scenery was even better than I’d expected. We enjoyed the 360-degree panoramic views of Mikata Goko and the Sea of Japan. A lot of people were sat down enjoying the scenery.





(These are pictures of Summit Park.I took above pictures from Fukui Photo Gallery.)

There were swings, a hammock, a footbath, and shops in the park. I heard the laughter of children.

I recommend this as a good place to go.

(Summit park’s official English website):http://www.mikatagoko.com/eng/

Author: Taru

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2 thoughts on “I went to Summit park to see Mikata Goko (Mikata Five Lakes)with my brother.”

  1. Dear Taru,
    We are a retired couple from Canada and will be visiting Tsuruga on a cruise on Saturday November 16. We were researching the area and was interested to visit the Five Lakes and taking Mikatagoko Cable Car.
    If we are to alight on Kiyama Station, will there be local buses going up the Cable car area? Or do we need to take a taxi? We will welcome any suggestion.


    1. Dear Peggy
      Thank you for visiting my site and asking me.
      I’m sorry for incomplete information on my site.
      Unfortunately, there are no buses to go to Summit park’s cable car area, so you have to take a taxi to go there. In addition to taxi fee, you have to pay a toll road fee, 530 yen.
      I recommend you to alight on Mikata Station(三方駅), not Kiyama Station. There are some station staff at Mikata Station whom you can ask questions, but at Kiyama Station, there are no station staff.
      You can go to Mikata Station from Tsuruga Station for 30 minutes and 510 yen by train.

      At Summit park, repair works are been carried out now(from 2019/8/19 to 2020/3/15), but the park is open all day. You might see repair men and hear some noise at the park.

      Summit park is written as 山頂公園(Sancho Koen)in Japanese.
      Lake Suigetsu is written as 水月湖(Suigetsu ko) in Japanese.

      Enjoy your trip in Japan! ( If you have more questions, let me know.)

      P.S. Tsuruga Port is known as the Port of Humanity. If you are interested in this, please visit this site.(http://www.tmo-tsuruga.com/kk-museum/index_e.html )


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