The 2020 opening home game of Fukui United FC

9.98 Stadium

This is 9.98 Stadium.


Fukui United FC is an amateur soccer team in Fukui Prefecture. The team was created last year and has been trying to get into the professional leagues (collectively called the J. League). There are no professional soccer teams in Fukui.

Last year the team became the 2019 champion of the Hokushinetsu Football League, but they lost in the Japan Regional Football Champion League and couldn’t get into the JFL, which is the top amateur soccer league. read more

Fukui United FC has just become the 2019 champion of the Hokushinetsu Football League


Fukui United FC is an amateur soccer team from Fukui Prefecture that was just created this January. They’ve been trying to get into the J. Leagues, which are the professional leagues.

You may not know much about the J. Leagues, but a lot of the world’s star soccer players have played in them, like Zico, Dunga, Leonardo, Schillaci, Lineker, Dragan Stojković , Mboma, Forlán, Michael Laudrup, and Stoichikov. read more

2019 Sumo Summer Tour in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Today, I watched some sumo matches in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture. Between the main sumo tournaments, sumo wrestlers go to rural towns and hold exhibition matches for a day at a time. It was the first time I’d ever watched sumo live.

Sumo is well known around the world, so you may know something about it. However, the history of sumo and the meanings of the sumo wrestlers’ motions aren’t as well known. read more

Fukui United FC set sail for the J League today


“We’d like to build a soccer team that embodies the hopes of Fukui.” The president of the company who manages Fukui United FC said this to the supporters before today’s opening match at the stadium.

Saurcos Fukui has disappeared, and a new soccer team, Fukui United FC, was born this January. Most of the players who played for Saurcos Fukui play for Fukui United FC. read more

The Fukui soccer team won the 2018 National Sports Festival


Today I went to Mikuni, Fukui Prefecture, to watch the final soccer game of the National Sports Festival, which is the biggest annual sports event in Japan. This year’s festival was held in Fukui Prefecture for the first time in 50 years.

In the male soccer section, the Fukui team got through to the final. Fukui would face Tokyo. read more

A soccer game with the Saurcos Fukui Football Club in Mikuni

the Saurcos Fukui Football Club

Today I went to Mikuni to watch a soccer game with Saurocos Fukui. This was my first time seeing a game of Saurcos Fukui. Saurcos Fukui is an amateur team, but they’re trying to get into the J League, which is a professional league.

I got on the tram at 9:16.

I got on an Echizen Railway train at 9:48. This railway is unique and well known because there are attendants on the train. They sell tickets, provide information about tourist spots and help elderly people get on and off the train. read more