Katsuki Books: A bookstore that represents Fukui

Katsuki Books in Fukui

This is the main branch of Katsuki Books.


The main branch of Katsuki Books, which was located near Fukui Station, went out of business on August 30th, 2020. It had opened in 1959, so it had been doing business for about 60 years.

Katsuki Books is special to people in Fukui because it represents the prefecture. In Chihayafuru, a well-known Japanese manga about competitive karuta, Arata Wataya, who’s the heroine’s friend and is from Fukui, works part time at a bookstore called Katsugi Books in Awara, Fukui. I think the Katsugi Books in Chihayafuru is an homage to Katsuki Books in Fukui. (What is Chihayafuru? and what is karuta?) read more

The 2020 opening home game of Fukui United FC

9.98 Stadium

This is 9.98 Stadium.


Fukui United FC is an amateur soccer team in Fukui Prefecture. The team was created last year and has been trying to get into the professional leagues (collectively called the J. League). There are no professional soccer teams in Fukui.

Last year the team became the 2019 champion of the Hokushinetsu Football League, but they lost in the Japan Regional Football Champion League and couldn’t get into the JFL, which is the top amateur soccer league. read more