Satsukigase Senbei: a specialty of Fukui that has been awarded a prize by the Monde Selection for 27 years in a row


Satsukigase Senbei (五月ヶ瀬煎餅) is a well-known sweet in Fukui. It’s one of the best-known local specialties of Fukui.

Senbei (煎餅) means rice cracker or Japanese cracker. Usually rice crackers are salty, but Satsukigase Senbei is sweet. The biggest feature of Satsukigase Senbei is that it has peanuts in it.

Satsukigase Senbei has been loved by people in Fukui since 1975. They eat it at home and buy it as gifts.

Satsukigase Senbei has been awarded a prize by the Monde Selection for 27 years in a row. That is, Satsukigase Senbei is recognized internationally. The Monde Selection is an International Quality Institute that evaluates the quality of products.

The ingredients of Satsukigase Senbei are wheat flour, sugar, peanuts, margarine, eggs, salt, trehalose, leavening agent, emulsifying agent, flavoring agent, antioxidant and food coloring (carotene). 

The freshness expiration date for Satsukigase Senbei is about three months, so you can easily buy it and give it later as a gift.

I bought Satsukigase Senbei on the first floor of a shopping center called Happiring. I ate the senbei later at home. When I opened the package, there was a pleasant smell of peanuts. When I bit into the senbei, there was a crunchy sound. It also had a nice texture that I liked. I felt the sweetness of the peanuts in my mouth. The senbei is sweet, so children as well as adults will enjoy it. 

Where can you buy Satsukigase Senbei ?

You can buy it at over 75 gift shops and food stores in Fukui. That is, you can buy it almost anywhere in Fukui. (You can buy it at a gift shop in Fukui Station. )I bought mine on the first floor of Happiring near Fukui Station.

Satsukigase Senbei is sold in various sizes. You can buy 32-, 21-, 16-, 8-, 5- and 4- piece packages. Each piece is about 100 yen.

The people in Fukui love Satsukigase Senbei. If you ever come to Fukui, be sure to try it and also be sure to buy some as gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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