I watched Theo Jansen and his Strandbeests in Fukui Prefecture,Japan.


Theo Jansen is a world-renowned Dutch artist who is often called a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci.

He’s particularly famous for his Strandbeests, walking artworks that combine science and art. Strandbeests means “beach animals” in Dutch. The animals are made of plastic tubes, and they have numerous legs that are powered by air. If you see their interesting ways of moving just once, you’ll never forget the sight.  read more

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum: one of the world’s top three dinosaur museums


Do you know who invented the term Dinosauria, which is the formal term for dinosaurs? In 1842, the British biologist and paleontologist Richard Owen came up with the term by combining the Greek deinos, meaning fearfully great, and sauros, meaning lizard.

In Japanese, dinosaur is translated as 恐竜, which means a fearful dragon. I don’t know why, but dragon (竜), not lizard, is used in the Japanese word for dinosaur. Interestingly, in Korean and Chinese, the word dragon is used as well. Indeed, dragons and dinosaurs are similar in that they’re really big, strong and mysterious. It was a good idea to use the word for dragon in the word for dinosaur. read more