2019 Sumo Summer Tour in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Today, I watched some sumo matches in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture. Between the main sumo tournaments, sumo wrestlers go to rural towns and hold exhibition matches for a day at a time. It was the first time I’d ever watched sumo live.

Sumo is well known around the world, so you may know something about it. However, the history of sumo and the meanings of the sumo wrestlers’ motions aren’t as well known. read more

I went to the Chihayafuru holy places in Awara, Fukui Prefecture.


Chihayafuru is a Japanese comic about competitive karuta. Since Wataya Arata, the heroin’s friend, was born in Awara, it’s a holy place for Chihayafuru. I wrote about Chihayafuru ,an exhibition of original illustrations from Chihayafuru and competitive karuta(I watched the competitive karuta tournament (The 51st National Women’s Competitive Karuta Tournament) in Awara, Fukui prefecture.) in previous posts, so please read them. read more