Cherry Blossoms(Sakura) along the Asuwa River in Fukui: Asuwa Sakura Tunnel


There’s a tunnel of cherry blossoms(sakura), which appears once a year along the Asuwa River in Fukui City. I personally call it the Asuwa Sakura Tunnel. It’s about 2.2 km long and there are about 600 cherry trees. The Asuwa River has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best spots for viewing cherry blossoms. A lot of people come and see them every spring. read more

A 370-year-old Japanese weeping cherry tree in Asuwa Shrine in Fukui


Cherry blossoms are very special for Japanese people. Every year, when spring is approaching, they get excited. The timing of the flowering of the cherry blossoms is forecasted by the Japan Weather Association. A lot of people in Japan look forward to seeing the flowers.

Motoori Norinaga(1730-1801), a famous Japanese classical scholar, wrote a poem about the Japanese spirit and the cherry blossoms: read more

A happy jungle where kawaii animals live


Did you know that there’s a jungle in Fukui Prefecture where animals live? A zoo called Happy Jungle opened in Fukui in 2018. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Fukui Station on foot. There’s also a regular zoo next to Happy Jungle.

Happy Jungle is an indoor zoo, and you can go in for free. The zoo has two floors, and the second floor is a rest area where you can buy food and see the animals through the windows. The first floor is the main part of the zoo. read more

Okakura Tenshin(Kakuzō): The leader of Japanese modern art

↑↑ This is Okakura Tenshin at Central Park in Fukui city.


In 2013, Okakura Tenshin’s 150th birthday anniversary exhibition was held at Fukui Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts. I went there and saw the first edition of The Book of Tea and artworks by his students, like Yokoyama Taikan.

Tenshin was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1863. Since his father was born in Fukui, Tenshin always said that his own hometown was Fukui. He’d studied English since the age of 8, and he’d also studied the Chinese classics, like the Analects of Confucius, since the age of 10. He went to the University of Tokyo and studied politics, economics, philosophy, English literature, Japanese literature, and Chinese classical literature. read more

Meikyodo: a mysterious cave in Takahama-cho, Fukui Prefecture

↑↑This is Shiroyama Park.


The power of nature is always beyond people’s imagination. A while ago I read about a mysterious cave in Takahama-cho in Fukui Prefecture, and I recently went there. (In Takahama-cho, there are a lot of sightseeing spots like beautiful beaches. If you want to know more about them, visit the official English website.) read more

2018 Autumn Leaves Festival at Nishiyama Park in Fukui Prefecture

(source: 福井県公式観光サイト)


Today I went to Nishiyama Park, which is in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The Autumn Leaves Festival was being held there. There are about 1,600 Japanese maple trees in the park. Usually, you can enjoy seeing autumn leaves the best at Nishiyama Park from mid-November to late November.  read more

Yokokan Garden: an oasis in Fukui

Yokokan Garden

I went to Yokokan Garden(養浩館庭園). You can get there in 15 minutes from Fukui Station.

Yokokan Garden is a Japanese garden that was once the villa of the lord of Fukui Domain. The villa was built in the 1600s, but the garden was destroyed during the war in 1945. However, it was restored and opened to the public in 1993. read more

Do you know the Miracle Lake in Fukui Prefecture, Japan?

This is Lake Suigetsu.

Today I went to the Fukui Varve Museum, which just opened this September in Wakasa, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. My mother and I had talked about it and I’d wanted to go there.

Varves are striped layers at different depths in lakes. Remains of plankton and mud fall and accumulate, and they become varves. Light and dark patterns make pairs and represent one year. read more

I went to Summit park to see Mikata Goko (Mikata Five Lakes)with my brother.

This is Mikata Goko.(source: Fukui Photo Gallery)

(source: Fukui Photo Gallery)


Today I went to Mikata Goko with my brother. It was cloudy.

Mikata Goko is an area consisting of five lakes. Among the five lakes, Lake Suigetsu is the most internationally renowned. I’ll write the reasons why in my next post(The Miracle Lake in Fukui Prefecture,Japan). read more

JR Fukui Station: The new gateway to Fukui Prefecture in 2024


JR Fukui Station is a gateway to Fukui Prefecture.

JR Fukui Station changed on March 16, 2024: The Shinkansen (bullet train) line between Kanazawa, a city in Ishikawa, and Tsuruga, a city in Fukui, has opened. Because of this, you can now go from Tokyo to Fukui on the bullet train in less than three hours. read more