Cherry Blossoms(Sakura) along the Asuwa River in Fukui: Asuwa Sakura Tunnel


There’s a tunnel of cherry blossoms(sakura), which appears once a year along the Asuwa River in Fukui City. I personally call it the Asuwa Sakura Tunnel. It’s about 2.2 km long and there are about 600 cherry trees. The Asuwa River has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best spots for viewing cherry blossoms. A lot of people come and see them every spring. read more

A 370-year-old Japanese weeping cherry tree in Asuwa Shrine in Fukui


Cherry blossoms are very special for Japanese people. Every year, when spring is approaching, they get excited. The timing of the flowering of the cherry blossoms is forecasted by the Japan Weather Association. A lot of people in Japan look forward to seeing the flowers.

Motoori Norinaga(1730-1801), a famous Japanese classical scholar, wrote a poem about the Japanese spirit and the cherry blossoms: read more

Omori Fusakichi: a great seismologist and a great person in the world

He is Omori Fusakichi in Teyose Park.


Earthquakes used to be mysterious things.

Aristotle, an ancient philosopher, thought that the wind blew through the underground space and caused it to vibrate. These vibrations were earthquakes. It’s now understood that seismic waves brought on by the sudden movement of the Earth’s crust are the cause of earthquakes. read more