It was exciting for me to see the Lake Suigetsu project team.

They are Lake Suigetsu 2006 project members.


Today I went to an international symposium about varves in Wakasa-cho, Fukui Prefecture.

I’ve written about varves before, so if you don’t know about them, please read my previous post(The Miracle Lake in Fukui Prefecture, Japan). About 270 people attended the symposium, and most of them were ordinary citizens. read more

A happy jungle where kawaii animals live


Did you know that there’s a jungle in Fukui Prefecture where animals live? A zoo called Happy Jungle opened in Fukui in 2018. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Fukui Station on foot. There’s also a regular zoo next to Happy Jungle.

Happy Jungle is an indoor zoo, and you can go in for free. The zoo has two floors, and the second floor is a rest area where you can buy food and see the animals through the windows. The first floor is the main part of the zoo. read more