Miraie: The illumination event at Tsuruga Port

Miraie: The illumination event at Tsuruga Port


Tsuruga, which is in the middle of Fukui Prefecture, is often called a railroad and port city.

In 1902 the direct route between Tsuruga and Vladivostok was opened, and in 1912 the railroad between Tsuruga and Tokyo was built. From 1912 to 1941 this route (which went from Tokyo to Tsuruga to Vladivostok to European countries like France, Poland, and Lithuania, and which made use of both Tsuruga Port and the Trans-Siberian Railroad) was the shortest one between Japan and Europe. read more

The Tsuruga International Culture Festival 2019


Tsuruga is a city that Polish orphans came to in the 1920s and Jewish refugees in the 1940s. (If you want to know more about these things, read my previous post.(Tsuruga Port,Fumi Matsuzawa: a heroine, and Chiune Sugihara: a hero.)) Because of this, Tsuruga has friendly relationships with Poland, Lithuania, Israel and the Netherlands. read more