I went to Chihiro Iwasaki’s birthplace in Fukui Prefecture.

This is Chihiro’s birthplace.


Today I went to Takefu, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, to see an exhibition of Chihiro Iwasaki’s paintings and the artist’s birthplace. She was born 100 years ago.

Chihiro Iwasaki was a Japanese artist and illustrator for children. This was my first time to see her paintings at an exhibition.         read more

Do you know Tachibana Akemi?

↑↑Akemi (left) and his daughter(right)


Tachibana Akemi (橘 曙覧) was born in 1812 in Fukui City, Fukui prefecture, Japan.  He was a poet and a scholar of classical Japanese. In my opinion, the characteristics of his poems are simplicity and honesty. One hundred and fifty years have passed since his death.

Among his poems, Solitary Pleasures(独楽吟) is very popular. There are 52 verses in Solitary Pleasures, and all of them are about the pleasures he felt. read more

I watched a Japan Self Defense Forces parade in Fukui for the first time.


Today I watched a parade by the Self Defense Forces in Fukui prefecture. It was held on Phoenix Street in Fukui City. Since it was sunny, people  enjoyed watching the parade. I knew that the parade is held every year. However, I’ve never been to watch it.

I thought that the audience would be small, but there were a lot of people at the venue. I couldn’t find a place to watch because of the large number of people. Finally, I was able to find a good place to watch. read more