Fukui Cinema: Fukui’s first theater

Fukui Cinema
↑↑ This is Fukui Cinema.

Today I went to Fukui Cinema, a movie theater in Fukui City, Fukui prefecture, Japan. I’d heard that Fukui Cinema was going to close on September 10th, so I went there one last time.

The first Fukui Cinema was a theater built in 1919 as Fukui’s first movie theater. Fukui Cinema has a roughly 100-year history. There are big theaters in shopping malls, and you can watch movies online, so the number of people coming to Fukui Cinema has been decreasing. read more

Fukui Station: a major hub of Fukui prefecture

Fukui Station


Today I went to Fukui Station, which is a major hub of Fukui prefecture, Japan. About 10,000 people use the station every day.

It has two convenience stores and some souvenir shops and gift shops. It’s mid-sized rather than big, but I like it. I did some research on the local population of foreigners, counting how many I saw in 10 minutes. I only saw two. read more

A soccer game with the Saurcos Fukui Football Club in Mikuni

the Saurcos Fukui Football Club

Today I went to Mikuni to watch a soccer game with Saurocos Fukui. This was my first time seeing a game of Saurcos Fukui. Saurcos Fukui is an amateur team, but they’re trying to get into the J League, which is a professional league.

I got on the tram at 9:16.

I got on an Echizen Railway train at 9:48. This railway is unique and well known because there are attendants on the train. They sell tickets, provide information about tourist spots and help elderly people get on and off the train. read more

I went to 2018The 13th Echizen City Summer Festival with my nieces.


Today, I went to Takefu , Fukui prefecture, with my nieces and their mother to watch some fireworks.(The 13th Echizen City Summer Festival)

One of the nieces is in high school and the other is in university. At five o’clock in the evening, they all came to my place and we went to Takefu together in their car. read more