Fukui United FC set sail for the J League today


“We’d like to build a soccer team that embodies the hopes of Fukui.” The president of the company who manages Fukui United FC said this to the supporters before today’s opening match at the stadium.

Saurcos Fukui has disappeared, and a new soccer team, Fukui United FC, was born this January. Most of the players who played for Saurcos Fukui play for Fukui United FC.

Fukui United FC isn’t a professional soccer team. Their goal is to get into the J. League, which is a professional league. ( There are no professional soccer teams in Fukui.)

The opening match was held in Mikuni today, so I went there to watch it. Since I thought that this was a historic match for Fukui, I was excited. If Fukui United FC are to get into the J. League in the future, this opening match will be important.

Supporters watched the game for free today. When I went into the stadium, I soon found a lot of colorful drawings on the walls. There were more than several hundred drawings that children had drawn. Some people stopped to look at them.

Six hundred and seventy-three people, including a lot of children, came to the stadium today.

Fukui United FC vs ‘05Kamo FC kicked off at 1:30.

Since this was the opening match, the players looked nervous at the beginning. Fukui United FC played a lot of long passes. The match looked like an even fight, and the first half ended at 0 – 0.

At half-time, there was a performance by the JETS, which is the cheerleading club of Fukui Commercial High School. The JETS are very famous in Japan because they won the US NDA National Championships. Their story was made into a movie, books, and TV dramas in Japan.

About 20 JETS cheerleaders in uniform danced energetically to popular music with blue, red, and yellow pompons in either hand. Since it was cloudy and Fukui United FC hadn’t scored, the atmosphere in the stadium wasn’t good. However, the JETS’ performance made the mood in the stadium bright and colorful. I felt the great power of music and dance.

The second half kicked off.

He is Kenshiro Kanemura.

The Fukui United players played aggressively and quickly created three scoring opportunities.

In the 28th minute of the second half, Kenshiro Kanemura (Fukui United FC) received the ball in front of goal and turned. He shot with his left foot and got the opening goal.

The supporters were ecstatic. A little girl near me danced and cheered with the supporters.

This is the second goal.

Then in injury time, Kanemura ran toward the goal and shot with his right foot and scored.

Fukui United FC had won the game 2 – 0.

After the match, the Fukui United players went behind the goal where their supporters were waiting. They danced together in victory.

Today, Fukui United FC set sail for the J League!

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