I went to 2018The 13th Echizen City Summer Festival with my nieces.


Today, I went to Takefu , Fukui prefecture, with my nieces and their mother to watch some fireworks.(The 13th Echizen City Summer Festival)

One of the nieces is in high school and the other is in university. At five o’clock in the evening, they all came to my place and we went to Takefu together in their car.

It was cloudy, so my nieces were worried that it would rain and the fireworks would be cancelled. It did rain a little, and it wet the windows of the car.

After 40 minutes, we reached Takefu. We went to the apartment where the mother’s parents live.

We all walked to the place where we were going to sit. My niece’s grandmother had reserved the spot for us at six in the morning! The fireworks were going to be fired off near a river. We sat several hundred meters from the launch point.

After sitting down, we had dinner: roast fowl, sushi, takoyaki and fired chicken. They were all delicious.

It was getting darker and darker. A spokesman for the event came and talked in front of the spectators.He said that today’s fireworks were going to be special. There was a mountain near the site, and he said that this would make the fireworks 100 times louder than normal. He also said that 12,000 fireworks would be fired off, and then he asked everyone to enjoy the show.

At seven o’clock, everyone started counting down: “ Five, four, three, two , one!”

“Bang,bang, bang!!” Fireworks started going up one after another. They were so loud that some people screamed. It sounded as if bombs were exploding.

Popular music was played while the fireworks were going off. Whenever the type of firework was changed, so was the music. One of my nieces said that the fireworks and the music matched very well.

This fireworks display involved watching, hearing and feeling.

At 8:20, the final fireworks were fired off, and they were amazing and memorable. The last ones were so loud that I covered my ears with my hands.

This was my first time to watch fireworks with my nieces and their mother. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day.

↓↓Yu-chan (my niece) gave me a movie of the fireworks. Thank you.

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